Madhur Jeffrey Indian Cooking Cookbook and Life story

We love Madhur Jaffrey Indian cooking cookbook. Madhur Jaffrey is a great Indian food and travel writer. She has written many cookbooks, but Madhur Jaffrey Indian cooking is one of them. it was premiered in the UK in 1982. she is more than 11 prize winners.

She is a food consultant and food specialist. Along with food she has also great experience in the film industry and she is acted in several films like Shakespeare wallah in 1965, and she got Silver Bear for Best Actress award. She’s won the Burt Greene Award for Food Journalism and lives in New York City.

Madhur jaffrey Indian cooking was published first in 1982. This is a great book loved by many Indian food lovers in the world.  This book has explained the recipes which are very tasty.   This book is a great choice for anybody interested in tasty Indian food, how to make it in simple very simple ways.

Most famous Madhur Jaffrey Indian cooking cookbook reviewed

This cookbook is a revised edition, which sold more than 3/4 million copies. So this is the power of Madhur Jaffrey Indian cooking. It is one of the best seller cookbooks all over the world and loved by millions of Indian food lovers.

The revised edition has mentioned all the required things which are a need of a cook. The revised edition has completely re-photographed. It has covered chapters for both vegetarians and Non-vegetarians.

For Non-vegetarians

 meat, poultry, fish Tandoori-style Chicken and Naan Bread

For Vegetarians

pulses, bread, and rice relish chutneys, and pickles. Salmon Steamed with Mustard Seeds and Tomato, and Drunken Orange Slices

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Madhur jaffrey indian cooking cookbook and Life story

The classic British curry cookbook based on the BBC series from decades ago brought up to date, and a great choice for beginners. The New York Times has also described her succinctly as the Indian cuisine. it has a collection of  More than 100 detailed home chefs through step-by-step preparation recipes like Tandoori-style Chicken and Naan Bread.

Jaffrey has covered a wide range of Indian culinary delights with great  Indian preparation techniques. Madhur Jaffrey is the greatest respected writer on Indian food cooking.

she has a record of 15 cookbooks written .which are the best-selling “Flavors of India. She is always famous in international magazines and newspapers. she has hosted many television series of her own, and also she has a great contribution to children’s books.

In the field of cooking, she is not only an Indian Asian author but also has won great JamesBeard Foundation awards. She has also hosted a series with Madhur Jaffrey’s Indian Cookery in 1982 on television.

She was introduced in the New York Times in1966. And after that, she had received a book to write about Indian cooking food. She tried to mention all possible Indian recipes. In 1973 Madhur’s next cookbook An Invitation to Indian Cooking was published. She had also called by BBC on a cooking show.  she had taught classes in Indian cooking at the James A. Beard School of Cooking and in her Manhattan apartment

Film & TV Shows

Not just only in books she has great experience in film industries. She has great experience in films like The Householder in 1963. Six Degrees of Separation in 1993, Vanya on 42nd street in 1964, Prime in2005, ABCD in 1999, and television series like Law & Order Special Victims Unit episode.Criminal Intent. And also in Bollywood moves like Sagar.

She was an actress in Billie Whitelaw in British television series. she had worked with her daughter Sakina Jaffrey in the film Chutney Popcorn. she played a doctor in A Late Quartet.


In this blog, I have discussed Madhur Jaffrey Indian cooking cookbook which is really loved by many Indian food lovers all over the world. Madhur Jaffrey food’s fans are from many countries like the USA, UK, India, and many others. So along with the food, she has also worked in film industries, TV Serials, and shows. She had also appeared in THE NEW YORK TIMES. BBC had called her for a food cooking show.

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