5 Best Tasty Recipe Book in 2021

Food is a life, and we love great taste foods. That’s why we need the best tasty recipe book for us. Because without having a perfect cookbook we can not prepare for great tasting food.

There are different types of cookbooks available in online markets, but I will suggest a perfect cookbook for you. So don’t worry to research more about tasty recipe books and get ready to prepare your favourite recipes.

In this article, I will cover the different cookbooks. You can pick according to your joy of cooking. You can cook many different types of tasty food from these cookbooks.

5 best tasty recipe book in 2021 online available

We shouldn’t fully depend on restaurant foods. Because if you use your simple skill with cookbook guides, then you can cook great tasty food at your home itself. I have described below 10 best tasty recipe book that is available on online stores.

1.Tasty Latest and Greatest: Everything You Want to Cook Right Now

Tasty Latest and Greatest

This great book for weeknight dinner, meat lovers, vegetarians, chocolate desserts, ice creams, and many tastier recipes. This book includes 80+ tasty recipes like pastel glitter-bombed unicorn cake and many more.

Tasty is the largest food network in all over the world. Tasty’s YouTube channel has 18 million-plus subscribers and it has 66 billion-plus views on recipe videos. That’s why This is the king brand in food industries.

Total page: 192 pages

  • easy to follow the steps
  • beginner-friendly

  • little bit costly


2. OPOS Cookbook: 5-minute magic Kindle Edition

Tasty OPOS Cookbook

OPOS basically stands one pot one shot is the perfect best tasty recipe book ever. It promises for a cleaner, healthier, and tastier way to cook any food. This book is known for it’s healthy and tasty foods, and when once you try you forgot restaurant unhealthy and unhygienic foods.

It has included YouTube videos link to each recipe. This book will help you to cook very tasty restaurant-style food is ready in under 15mins, and it has included the colors and taste of the veggie. You can so many dishes like whole roast chicken, chicken tandoori masala, Gavar, and unique aloo sabzi.

OPOS have their official Facebook support group about people queries about this book and also it has a youtube channel if you want to learn more about this book. This group has 24/7 support team to holding any interested learners of OPOS(one-pot one-shot)

Total Pages: 1342 pages

  • 24/7 Support team available for any guidance

  • Healthy and tasty foods recipes

  • Positive customer reviews

  • Not so far


3. The Essential Wok Cookbook: A Simple Chinese Cookbook

The Essential Wok Cookbook

If you are a Chinese food lover, then don’t worry this cookbook is a great choice for you. This book will guide you to make your favorite tasty recipes. This tasty recipe book will guide you to make many different kinds of Chinese recipes like Chinese restaurant dishes.

It is very step by step guide to cook food that is beginner-friendly. This book will guide you to make fast tasty food when you have a very short time. It can guide you to cook foods like  Pot Stickers, Easy Vegetable Stir-Fry, Lighter Egg Foo Young, and many more.

Total page: 152 pages

  • Easy to follow steps

  • Beginner-friendly

  • Little bit costly

4. Non-Veg Delicacies: OPOS Cookbook

Non-Veg Delicacies: OPOS Cookbook

Another great cookbook from OPOS. This tasty recipe book is specially dedicated for nonveg lovers. This cookbook has made possible to Each and every recipe is delicious and made simple by OPOS.

It has covered 50 nonveg dishes. No more words to explain the delight of this book. It has mentioned some great dishes like Mangalore chicken, chicken Hara Masala, biryani, Afghani chicken, pulao, dishes like Rogan Josh, Chicken Sukka

Total page: 134 pages

  • Perfect choice for chicken lovers

  • Easy to follow the steps

  • Positive reviews by buyers

  • Not so far


5. 101 Non-Vegetarian Recipes

101 Non-Vegetarian Recipe book

This is another excellent book for Nonveg food lovers. It has a great collection of unique non-veg foods like Meat, fish, and chickens. The steps given in this book are easy to follow.

Total page: 150 pages

  • Price is affordable

  • Easy to make recipes

  • Not so far


There are lots of tasty recipe books available on the market, but I have mentioned some of the top customer-rated cookbooks according to expert reviews and customer reviews. These tasty ultimate cookbooks can really fulfill the tasty food requirement of any Food lover both nonveg and veg food lovers.

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